Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meet & Greet – Friday, Oct. 19 – 7 to 9. Please note the change of time. Guadalajara Grill, Juan & Taylor in Old Town. IMPORTANT: we will be in the small bar area to the right of the front entrance. If you arrive early, please inform the Host or Hostess that you are with the San Diego High group. No-Host event. If you want anything to eat or drink, you pay for it.
Reunion Dinner Dance Saturday, Oct. 20 – 7 to 11 p.m. Baja Room, Marina Village. Driving directions are below. Sign-in & cocktails from 7 to 8. Dinner at 8. Music & dancing from 8 to 11. Free parking. If you are a walk-in note that we will only be able to accept checks (preferred) or cash. We can’t handle credit cards. Bar drink tickets will be available to $1 each. Coffee, tea and water are free.

Entertainment: Dancing from 8 to 11 to songs from the ’60s played by DJ and fellow Class of ’67 Caver Sammy Vasquez.
What to wear – We don’t care what you wear. We just want to see you again.

Directions to Marina Village: From I-5: Take Sea World Drive exit to Mission Bay Drive. When you see the large green sign that says QUIVIRA ROAD, get in the farthest left of the two left turn lanes. Turn left, go one very short block and turn left again. Drive about one half mile and Marina Village will be on your right. Driving directions are available at Marina Village; 1936 Quivira Way 92109.
Visit for last-minute updates. I can be reached by phone at 619-546-4416.

These Cavers are definitely coming: Oscar Foster, Patsy Gonzales, Suzanne Franklin, John Bohler, Keith Burgess, Gay Watson, Linda Bruno, KC Davis, John Castillo, Shannon Walsh, Cindy Ketchum, Steve Fickas, Bill Franklin, Janet Glasgow, Christina Bustillos, Sarah Lucero, Dorothy Busalacchi, Joanne Willis, Jeanne Willis, Anna Coffenbarger, Rose Hom, Paul Jacobsen, Barbara Tharpe, Kathy Krane, Martha Lindberg, Joe Lessor, Richard Milan, Jill Aurand, Sally Bruno & Joe Neimeyer, Marianne Balustreri & Tom Nolan Josie Giacalone & Frank Piranio, Janet Reyman, Wayne Osgood, Carlos Parong, Rosie Partida, John Rodriquez, Dominic Sanfilipo, Roberto Saucedo, Leslie Shannon, Katy Thurston, Joan Crawford, James Lee Wong, Joanne Arzen, Susan Youel. Honorary Caver Kim Edwards. If you’ve already paid and aren’t listed, you will be in the next update. Unless they are Cavers, spouses aren’t listed but we’re glad you’re coming and look forward to meeting you.
These Cavers say they’re coming: Vince Carini, David Maxey, George Shough, Laurel Sloane, Ron Crawford, Jim Hawkins, Mary Thomas, Stella Macias, Steve Weathers, Nancy Stringari.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Menu, Entertainment, Guest List, Contributions

This is the part where I nag you. If you plan to attend, like James Brown said PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send your check today. Walk-ins will be accommodated in case your spouse has a last-minute change of heart, but the people who have pre-paid will be fed first. Besides, it’s a lot easier to plan a party if we know how many guests to expect. A tank of gas costs $50+. We’re talking about a nice meal at a beautiful bay-side location, dancing, hanging with fun people and a souvenir CD with Hits from 1967 for $100. That’s way more fun than a tank of gas. Come on, people. We aren’t just celebrating our 40th Reunion. We’re celebrating an era. Okay, I’ll stop now. Just make your check payable to: SDHS Reunion Fund and mail it to our treasurer: Gay Watson Cullinan at 1779 Rancho Cajon Pl., El Cajon, CA 92019. Send the check today. Don’t make me call you in the middle of the night. I will. I have no shame.

The list is growing. We’re excited. It looks like we’re headed for a great turnout, with close to 60 people including spouses signed up already and it’s only September. Some of the folks you can expect to see include: Oscar Foster, Rose Hom, Joan Crawford, Barbara Tharpe, K.C. Davis, Tom Anderson, Shannon Walsh, Johnny Castillo, Gay Watson, Steve Fickas, Bill Franklin, Anna Coffenbarger, Paul Jacobsen, Kathy Krane, Joe Lessor, Martha Lundberg, Jill Aurand, Janet Glasgow, Joe Niemeyer, Wayne Osgood, Carlos Parong, Rosie Partida, Frank & Josie Giacalone Piranio, Janet Reyman, John Rodriquez, Suzanne Franklin Bernardino, Dominic Sanfillipo, Roberto Saucedo, Hal Velline, Jeanne Willis, Joanne Willis, James Lee Wong, and Kim Edwards (who went to Pt. Loma, but their reunion is a loser, so she's coming to ours, instead). By the way, anyone from any class year or school is welcome. Just have them contact me.

Other folks we’re expecting: Marcia Cooke, Katy Thurston, John Bohler, Linda Bruno, Tom Nolan, Marianne Balustreri, Laurel Sloane, Stella Macias, Gary Van Horn, Bruce Schraer, Jim Hawkins, Ron Crawford, Steve Weathers, Patsy Gonzales, Mary Ellen Thomas, Angela Garner (one of our class mascots), Sally Bruno and many more.

Hors d’ouevres, roast baron of beef (chef-carved), vegetarian lasagna, green beans almandine, garlic and chive mashed potatoes, Chocolate Raspberry cake. Something for carnivores and vegetarians. Yum. Yum.

Will there be dancing? You bet. DJ and fellow Class of '67 Caver Sammy Vasquez will be on hand to play the songs you fell in love to way back in the day. Do you have a favorite song you? Let us know and we’ll make sure Sammy has it in the mix.

We want to thank Steve and Margie Noisat Chamberlain, and Pam Jameson Weinesch for their generous contributions to the 40th Reunion Fund. They can't attend but their donation will help us with expenses. Thanks, Cavers!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lost & Found Cavers Update

We've found (or they've found us): Steve and Margie Noisat Chamberlain, Bruce Schraer, Mark Wallen, Steve Welch, Olga Sherr Mandel, Gail Babbs, Eula Williams Johnson (who is helping us find Carolyn Clayton Cherry and Louise Faye), Keith Burgess, John Joyce and Stella Macias Villasenor. Jill Aurand Muse and Katy Thurston Jordan are doing a great job of sleuthing but everyone's help is needed.

There were over 600 people in our graduating class. We have current contact info/status reports for fewer than 1/3 of them. Whatever happened to Karen Hayashi? Anita Green? Tony Richardson? Richard Quintero? Terry Thornton? Trails have gone cold on Mike Calvin, Bill Moorhead, George Guevara, Sophie Stockton Schon, Russell Romano, Natalie Marrujo Kostos, Linda Holt Michievitz, Norma Quinones, Daniel Cruz-Gonzales, Sandra Sanchez Dare and John Bernard (all recent snail mails returned undeliverable). The list goes on. Whether or not you can make the reunion this time, it would be great to have a comprehensive list to pass on to the next person who has to pull this together next time. You know where to find me.

Sargeanettes Reunion

Jim Hawkins has asked me to post this. There is an all-class reunion of Sargeanettes on October 26 at Marina Village. Cheer squads and mascots are also invited. For additional info, contact Carolyn Thomas, Class of '64 at 619-235-9161.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cavers Coming

These Cavers plan to attend. How about you?
Katy Thurston Jordan, Barbara Tharpe Jamerson, Jeanne Willis Winger, Joanne Willis Wiggins, Nancy Stringari Fenton, Michael Moaze, Gloria Bentsen, Mary Ellen Thomas Brown, Cyndi Ketchum Decker, Tom & Marianne Balistreri Nolan, Marcia Cooke, Jill Aurand Muse, K.C. Davis.

These Cavers have fallen off the planet. Do you know their whereabouts?
Tony Bernadino. Steve Welch. Bernard Wright. Brenda Turner. Jane Martin. Susan Youel. Louise Faye. Karen Hayashi. Donna Hobson. Maria Sardina. Dick Wakefield. Marc Trainer. Gail Babbs. Olga Sherr. George Fishburn. Jere Miller. Danny Sebastian. Joanne Whiteman. Terry Thornton. Jeanne Zerce. Vicki Meza. Tony Richardson. Steve Tom. Sandra Tom. Anna Tom. Alice Wong. Annie Hom (last seen in Hawaii). Mike and Garry Smith. Laura and Marsha Vigil. Ruth Ann May. Skip Kozminski.


Make checks payable to: SDHS Reunion Fund.
Mail to Gay Watson Cullinan at 1779 Rancho Cajon Pl. El Cajon, CA 92019.
Full payment of $100 per person is appreciated, but partial payments are fine, too. We just want to know that you'll be there.

I have joined in an effort to hunt down more classmates.

Jim Hawkins reports that there is a Sergeanettes all-class luncheon on Oct. 26 from 11 to 3 in the Sunset Room at Marina Village. Mascots & cheer squad members are also invited.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Join us Friday Oct. 19 from 6 to 8 at Guadalajara Grill (formerly Romaine's) in Old Town, corner of Juan & Taylor, for a no-host meet & greet.

The planning committee needs to make some earnest-money payments within the next few weeks. If you're coming, let us know by sending a check. Partial payment is fine. The cost will be $100 per person. This will cover the room rental, catering, decorations/entertainment and gratuity. It will also pay for any Cavers who truly cannot afford to attend otherwise. Any left-overs will be donated to the SDHS ALUMNI Foundation to fund a scholarship in our class's name. Make your checks payable to: SDHS 40th Reunion and send to Gay Watson Cullinan at 1779 Rancho Cajon Place, El Cajon, CA 92019. Cavers from other graduation years and friends from other area high schools are welcome. Walk-ins will be welcome, but that makes planning hard. If you're coming, show us the money!

These Cavers will be attending. How about you?
Johnny Castillo, Shannon Walsh Carreiro, Gay Watson Cullinan, Steve Fickas, Bill Franklin, Paul Jacobsen, Kathy Krane, Janet Glasgow Mulshine, Joe Niemeyer, Charles Parong, Rosie Partida Pinto, Frank & Josie Giacalone Piranio, Janet Reyman, Joe Lessor, Roberto Saucedo, John Rodriguez, Wayne Osgood, Anna Coffenbarger Herrera, Hal Velline.